Support a young musician

The Support a Young Musician project aims to provide financial support for the JMC’s educational activities for outstanding young Israeli musicians. We believe that Israel is a nation full of musical talent waiting to be discovered and developed, and for that purpose, the JMC continues to search out, educate and help these young talents to achieve the very highest level of playing and artistry. We believe deeply in the value of classical music, both for its own merits, and for its ability to connect the player and listener directly to his own emotional world, outside the context and limitations of day-to-day life. We intend to build this fund on the basis of smaller, individual contributions of approximately $1,500, aimed to support part of the costs of one of our participants’ musical studies. We believe that in such a system, both the student and their supporter gain the benefit of a personal connection between one another. If he or she so wishes, the supporter has the opportunity to follow and even be a part of the student’s learning and development over the years, enriching the lives of both supporter and student. . We are always looking for new partners in this most important venture, and hope that you will join us in supporting these promising young musicians